Need help problem with sound codes

hi guys…im at my wits end tryin to figure out the problem with my code hope someone can help me out with this.

Heres the thing i have a song attached in scene 1 which requires user to press play and adjust the sound volume to play the song…okay thats fine but the thing is when i go to scene 2 i want the song in scene 1 to stop playing and the song in scene 2 should automaticaly start playing.i’ve done all that and now i’m only having problem stopping the sound once i go to scene 2.i’ve done everythng to make the song to stop by adding stopAllSounds(), or mySound.stop but neither of it works?What could be the problem?

Heres the code that i used to attached the song in scene 1:

onClipEvent (load) {
mySound = new Sound();
mySound.loadSound(“song.mp3”, false);
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
downloaded = mySound.getBytesLoaded();
total = mySound.getBytesTotal();
if (downloaded != total) {
_root.dl = “downloading song…”;
} else {
complete = 1;
_root.dl = “”;

It would be good if i can attach my file but unfortunately the size is too large.By the way the song for scene 1 is not coming from the library.

Help me out please.