Need Help Renaming Dynamic Variables

Hi All,

I think I’ve put myself in a corner on this one. I have a PHP script that dynamically passes some variables to my .swf. The variables come into the .swif named like: imageCount1, ImageCount2, imageCount3 etc. I am trying to put these into an array to work with. Heres what I have so far

imageCount0 = "image/ohyeah.jpg";
imageCount1 = "image/party.jpg";
finalCount = 2;
imageHolder = new Array();

for(i=0; i < finalCount; i++){

The problem I’m having is when I goto .push the array it combines the strings instead of calling the imageCount variable with the correct number attached. Can anyone think of a technique to work around this or some where I can look to get an id. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.