Need help with a logo

i need some help in photoshop
i wanna make a nice sun but cant just seem to get any ideas…
I hope u guys could help me…

spørg Lau… han er jo “experten”… :sigh:

nød… :wink:

WOW I can understand Danish??
I mean Køl! :flower:

oh yeah?

Then what’d I say…? :bad:

(and “Køl” is NOT danish… sorta… in a way yes… but not on it’s own… ish… whatever :sure: )

have you got any reference material , pics of a sun.?

:: any reason why you are creating a logo in photoshop?

Sonny2003 works with me daily :slight_smile: Our “teacher” wants him to make logo suggestions for “Møllestedet”.

They give us nothing, and expects us to give perfection :sigh:

All we have is: “It must be simple!”… I mean, I made a few suggestions, and Sonny made a few suggestions for logos, and all we get back is “simple! simple!”

gah… lousy clients… :x

one-syllable individuals… :sigh: pfft…

this should help:;act=ST;f=22;t=1028

badda! a sun.