Need Help With a Music Player Scenario

Hello All You Gurus-

I have a problem and I’m currently looking for any solutions. Basically what I’m looking to do is build a music player in flash and embed it into an HTML page. Now the trick is, I need the player to stay present when a user clicks thru different areas of the site. (I.E. different html pages) However I do not want the flash to reload each time they go to a different page. Is there a way to have the Flash sit on top of HTML pages and not refresh when a user goes to a different page, or an alternative would be for when the next page loads, the music player knows where it left off and starts from its ending point on the page before. Building the site in iFrames or any frames will not be an option. Does anyone have any other suggestions for what I can do to accomplish this?

The solution I was looking at was to set the page up like the music player was a transparent promotion ad like you see on so many pages these days and see if I could just keep it present when clicking from page to page. This doesnt seem to work so I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks In Advance.