Need help with a template

Ok guys and gals, I know nothing about flash and I dont have the programs you have, I bought namo freemotion. I also bought a template from some place on the web. In an attempt to try and save money I thought I would edit the template myself and host it on my site. when I edited it something went wrong “I guess” because I cant get the buttons to make the window inside the template change like its supposed to, or even load anything.I have the main.swf on the site and edited, I also want to be able to edit and update the page1.swf — page5.swf as needed. but they wont show up. Like I said I am really new at this so please take it easy on me. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been trying to fix this for six months…thanks Brett

the site is click skip the add in the right hand corner.