Need help with After Effect's

Just need help on how to appy blur screen edge using a rectangular mask.

Didnt see a AE forum section or video editing so i just put it in random =/

You might have an option to apply the layer effect only to a portion of the layer but I haven’t bothered seraching… The one work around you can do though is:

to place the normal layer on the timeline
to place the blurre layer beneath it
to apply a mask on the first layer

and you end up with something like:

Remember, you can also play with the mask option (ie having 2 squares and intersecting them, or inverting the masking so the the area inside the rectangle actually hides the layer and the area outside shows the layer, etc…)

I have already created a rectangular shaped mask with 300 feather. Now I need to find out how to blur the screen edges of a solid fractal noise. to make it blend in with the comp below it.

and using the same technique doesn’t work ?

that image is cool!. i wanna get after effects:)!!!

Is after effects made by Macromedia?

No, it is made by Adobe.

you should see what it can do with movies and someone who know how to use the proggy well