Need help with clear tweening

:nerd: I just went to a couple of sites and I’m noticing more and more people use fast tweens. e.g When you get to a site you first see the intro, and at that moment when the intro is done you go to the home page. (Now here’s where my question begins)

Some Home page just appear with all content loaded in one shot.

But most site seem to have a building effect going on. and the words seem to flash when they enter the screen. I can’t explain it any further I guess if you see it yourself you’d understand:

[Check this link]

Please help

Check the motion blur tutorial on this site. I think it’s what you want.

pom :asian:

Yep, that’s motion blur alright… Basically it’s not that things are actually going that fast, it’s just that the shape you’re moving is stretched and blurred to look like it’s going really quickly.

Or of course you could just have a very fast tween, but these can look a little disjointed if you’re not careful.