Need help with delay on loadmovie (link inside)

I am doing a simple loadmovie into an empty movie clip. The loaded swf file has a preloader, but for about 5-10 seconds, there is nothing showing up, then bam, it pops in and loads. I need the delay removed. I am linking to the loaded movie fla you can downlaod, and putting the code that calls the swf below:

The button on the main timeline that the user clicks has this as assigned to it:

on (rollOver) {
on (releaseOutside, rollOut) {
on (release) { = 7;
_root.personallink ="bjj";;;

After the user clicks this button, the main movie continues to play a closing scene, and then hits a frame with this action:

label="s" +;

Lastly, at the label frame is the code that ultimately calls the movie into the empty clip, which is this:

loadMovie([_root.personallink+".swf"], "bmovie");
setProperty("bmovie", _x, 36.4)
setProperty("bmovie", _y, 101.0)

Pretty straight forward I think. Please check out the fla link of a movie I am trying to load, that has a delay on it. Can anyone tell me why the delay is showing up and how to remove it?

here is the link:

Many thanks!!!