Need help with dynamic image loading

I had a working file in actionscript 2, and to get used to actionscript 3, I decided to try to convert it. There were some other functions, and they all were a cinch to get working, but I had a side panel with a holder clip dynamically loading in, and then loading an image into that. The best way to think it was, I had a frame for the image that loaded, and then the image loaded into it. I’m looking for a way to do this in actionscript 3, and have gotten very close, but failed.

Here is the actionscript 3 code that is the problem.

var sideClipCount:int = 10;

function addSideClips(numberOfClips:int):void {
    var currentClip:MovieClip  = new MovieClip;
    for (var i:int = 0; i < numberOfClips; i++) {
        var currentClip:clip = new clip();
        clipImageLoader.load(new URLRequest (clipNumber* + ".jpg"))
        currentClip.x = 10
        currentClip.y = i*47

It creates 10 holder clips in a side panel, and then tries to load images into them. It loads the holder clips just fine, and it loads a single picture into them, into the last one. I have no idea why, and that is the only thing stopping this file from fully working in AS3, help!