Need HELP with dynamic menu

hi everyone

i need help on this
i have one movieclip with a textbox inside of it,i’ve called the textbox TXT,i have also a text file with 2 variables wich are called TXT1 and TXT2 ,i know how to load this text file but:

the thing is , i’d like to put on stage several instances of my movieclip,but i don’t know how to assign each variable on the text file to the instances of that movie

can someone help me on this?

if a dynamic text box with the variable name is called TXT, then place three instances of that movie clip on the stage, and give them each a unique instance name, such as Box1, Box2, and Box3.

Then add this actionscript:

box1.txt = "Box One Text Goes Here";
box2.txt = "Box Two Text Goes Here";
box3.txt = "Box Three Text Goes Here";

I attached an example of this method.