Need help with external mc problem urgently

ok this is the problem i cannot fix:

  1. On the stage, I have made a mc that is set to alpha: 0% and with the instance name: “blank3test”

  2. I also have a button with the following (as)

ActionScript:--------------------------------------------------------------------on (release){
_root.blank3test._x =140; _root.blank3test._y = 20;
_root.blank3test.loadMovie(“C:/Documents and Settings/Owner/Desktop/link3.swf”);

  1. But you see, because the external mc is linked to the mc that i have on the stage (“blank3test”) which set to 0% alpha, the external mc is also set to alpha 0% so i cant see it. But seeing it is not the problem. I only want users to see whats been loaded and where its been loaded when they press the button

**I dont want users to see the actual place where the external mc will be loaded. When they click on the button, then they will see where the external mc will be loaded.

This is also what i mean:
(you will see nothing on the site until you press one of the menu buttons then you will see the area where the external mc loads. This is what i want to happen with mine)**

So how could you go to fix this problem?

Yeah, scotty got it :wink: So you have _root.blank3test as the movieclip that shows where it will be loaded right ? Ok, so let’s say the command to load has been given. Flash will then show blank3test, thus showing the area where the swf will load. When it’s loaded, the swf will replace the area :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by sgroove *
**yeh but thats not the issue. My problem is that i want to have the same concept. If you looked at it, you see nothing on the page until you press one of the menu buttons and you c a external mc load. Thats what i want to do.

i know thats not the point, i was just curious

ok thanks very much guys :slight_smile: