Need help with Flash(8) and Perl interaction

I am trying to make flash pass values to a backend script (local, not web based) which will then do some analysis/authentication thingy and then store the result s and other stuffs in data files (which are .txt for now). I started with trying to make a flash based login screen which authenticates using a perl script which matched the values passed and then stores the result to a txt file - which is then read by Flash. I was able to make it work when I ran the script on my Apache server.

The problem comes when trying to make it work locally. First of all, is it even possible to use Perl for this task ? If yes then can someone please point me to the right way of doing this. I have thought about calling the Perl script from a batch files but then I will not be able to pass variables to it (username, passwords…etc). Calling the script from the loadVars/loadVaraibles/loadVariablesNum/getURL does not seem to work for me (If there is a way to use them for this then please let me know). I would really like to use Perl for this as I am learning it atm and it will greatly help me in future.

I have alse done some digging on the net about native support in flash for interaction with database but all I could find about was some articles about Flash Remoting - which seemed only to work for applications made in ColdFusion and such.

Will appreciate any help I can get. Thanks :slight_smile: