need help with flash video

hello. I have only a bit knowledge with flash as3. most of it was i did my own research from the web. lately im trying to create kiosk that dealt with a lot video which is imported from my pc externally. the problem is its burn my physical memory continuously if i click a new video. the memory of previous video keep adding up with the new one which i found out was the memory leaked issues (is it?) due to my poor coding skill. can anyone help me with this issue please? by the way this is my code inside my mc video



(Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE, killVideo);
function killVideo(e:Event)

This might only be a partial answer, I’ve never worked with video in flash but if its like other things, after stop, try to null all references to the video, and call the garbage collector System.gc()

If im understsnding adobes description correctly, it may work on a release AIR app, but only on debug flash browser swf?

Either way if u have nulled the proper references to it, the garbage collector should auto purge that mem for you when its needed. If anything, calling the gc in debug should at least show that the mem is properly setup for collection

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really appreciate your help. thanks for replying.