Need help with flash

ok i made this in php for the date

echo strftime(“Today is %A, %B %d, %Y.” ,time());

and it shows on the top of my page i want it to show in flash like go to

i want the date to be above the news section how would i do that ok thanks.

Here I just wrote this now

if you’re doing it in flash you don’t need to use php for it

flash has actions to do this for you … just apply them to a dynamic text box

something like getCurrentDay etc … i’ll have to look up the variables

its pretty easy though
you should search for a tutorial b/c i’m pretty sure theres one floating around this site

i found it
do this tutorial … its pretty easy :slight_smile:

hope this helps

I forgot there was a bloody tutorial. Anyway, good practice.

whered you get that lil cussing red face?

thats so cool!