Need help with game

I have a client that needs a Jeopardy game already made that they need to alter. I am too swamped to work on it and need help!

Must be finished by this Sunday the latest!!


it needs to be four rounds, and the questions and answers will be loaded from an xml file. I will receive an fla of the game already created with one round. You will need to add three more rounds to it and a thank you for playing screen once all rounds are completed.

Here is a link to what they currently have:
(reload the page if you don’t see the $ numbers)

Also, it will be 5 categories with 3 sub categories instead of 5.

There will be four buttons at the bottom so people can skip from round to round if they want to.

Anyone interested, please email me the cost and time involved. I will pay you via PayPal once it is completed.

my email: [email protected]