Need Help With Mp3player

I have few questions in regards to this mp3 player. I’m trying to add few features to it but can’t figure out a solution to them. One being, rightnow the volume adjuster scrolls from left to right. I would like to have a round knob to adjust the volume. I’m sure some of you has done something similar. Second, this mp3 player makes use of a xml file to grab the mp3 info, and song. I would like to have a picture and caption associated with the mp3. With the mp3 file, a id3v2 class obtains the song info from the mp3 file. How would you associate the picture to the particular song? Lastly, the song info was appended to a textbox in _root. But I have created a sliding window movie clip that will hold the picture, and song info (textbox). In root, I assigned the song info by setting it equal to song_info.text. But how can this be done if the textbox is within a movie clip? I have attached the mp3 player with this posting. Feel free to take a look and make any neccessary changes. Thanks in advance for any help and assistance.