Need help with music and email form


Im building my first flash site, and I have come across a couple problems. The first is that the music either wont play if I put it to start after the preloader… or it will do this strange play twice thing. My second problem is that I build an email form with php. However, it freezes once someone puts in their message and clicks send.

You can view it here. I dont have the buttons working yet. So to get to the form just right click and hit play after the animation stops. Its the third section. I also have attach a zip of layout if you need to look at it to get an idea of what I have behind the scenes.


Zipped layout:

Thanks for any help you could give me.


Any help, please… I’m really stuck

So many posts… someone please help!

I understand the frustration, about wanting a reply and some Help, but Please bear in mind that Many of the people have jobs and families and other :ro: items that may need thier time, So exercise some Patience…

I just responded because I saw my post almost about to goto page 2.