Need help with one of the tutorials please


Firstly i must congratulate Kirupa on a great tutorial site. I have just started learning flash, and this site would have to be the best for tutorials in terms of understandability. Good job.

Now my question is about the advanced rollover tutorial at:

It mentions to use “/rollover” for the tellTarget method call but where did this “rollover” object come from? In the tellTarget tutorial he use “/cheese” and there was a “cheese” movie symbol in the library, but this one doesnt have a “rollover” symbol. Any reasons?

(P.s i realise it’s better to use the “with” method, but the same question still applies)

Thanks in advance for any help

If you downloaded the Partial .fla that is supplied in the beginning of the tutorial you might see a little white dot in the middle of the screen. This is the movie clip that contains all the animations of the rollover actions. The instance name of this clip is rollover. Since the actions on all in this clip you are telling to to access the clip “rollover” and play the target frame label.

It doesn’t HAVE to be rollover, it all depends on the instance name of the clip you want to load.

Hope this helps.