Need help with Photo Gallery & creating a Full Flash Site

Ok, so far I have done 2 tutorials on this site and none of them work. obviously I am doing something wrong. my 1st problem is with the photo gallery. I’ve done everything step by step & nothing happens at all. when I CTRL + Enter a little error box pops up. I’ve change the path to the images, uploaded the SWF file & the images and still nothing. can someone please help me with this??

now my second problem is with the “full flash site” tutorial. I’ve already made my site and what not, now I am just trying to get the links to target the “load movie”. once again, I’ve followed everything step by step & I get and error message when I click on the links in the flash preview. I’ve made the external SWF files, so everything should work just fine… but it doesn’t…

so if someone would be kind enough to send me an email @ [email protected] I would really appreciate it.

thanks so much!!

What version of Flash are you using? You have to make sure you are taking a tutorial for the right versions of Flash otherwise it will not work.

yes, i know. i am using MX.

I haven’t actually done the photo gallery tutorial, but did you try downloading Kirupas final source FLA to compare with yours?

You should also do the same for the Full Site tutorial. This is the first we got a complaint on that (well that I have read at least).

yeah I tried downloading both of them, & compared to mine they look the same. that’s why its so frustrating. it’s got to be something small. it’s always something small…

I could always upload the fla’s if you want to take a look… but I don’t know. … ?

Sure, if you want I can take a look and see what I can do. Just zip them up in a .zip file and attach it to your post.

awsome, thanks SO much. the file is too big, so here’s the URL:

Hey Chupa, I am going to need the loaded files (.txt and images) in that zip file also, otherwise I will keep getting errors.

ok. here it is:

i dont have all of the buttons done in the layout, just the “music” one.

thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, I see no problem with your full site one. It works just fine. I opened up your music.fla and exported your swf file for it. Then I opened up your full site one, clicked the music button and it said…

“Music Section…Woot”.

As for the photo gallery. That was a simple mistake.

the line this.pathToPics = “/img/”; should be

this.pathToPics = “img/”;

But after I fixed it, I ran into another problem. The problem that EVERYONE posts on this forum. I will see if I can fix it. If I can, I will repose the .zip file with both fixed movies.

really? well, the full site doesn’t work for me. so is there something wrong with my pc? I click the button and nothing happens… weird. i have the files in the same set up i gave you, so i don’t think it could be that…? should i try uploading it on to a server?

I knew the pics was something stupid and small. thanks for clearing that up for me. I really appreciate it!

so what do you think I should do about the site?

Hmm, I went to recheck the files before I zipped them up, but the full site one didn’t work again. Confusing. I am still working on that though. I fixed the Photo Gallery. You needed to offset your load clip so they pictures would load in the right spot. You will see what I mean when you open your file.

Now back to fixing this full site thing.

it is quite confusing. it seemed so easy when I was putting it together… I shoulda known. I am still a newsier to flash, but learning quick. seems like when I think I have the hang of something, I really don’t. lol. oh well, it’s all about trial and error, right?..

but thanks for fixing the pics! =)

Alright, I am having major troubles with this loadMovie thing. It would be much easier if I built the file myself, but I don’t want to mess up anything you have. So I will ask you this…

Are all your sections layouts the same, just with different text? The reason I ask is because I can load your dyanmically loaded text into your textbox on each button press. This is much more efficient than loading the whole layout all over again on each section. Do you mind if I set it up to do that?

yep, all the layouts are the same. the only thing that wouldn’t be a txt file is the picture viewer.

but if you want to do that, then it’s fine with me :slight_smile:

All Fixed. You can follow the link below to download the .zip file. It includes the images and everything too.

Click Here For Fixed Files

I added text files for each section so if you test your .swf file for your full site, all the buttons should work:)

awesome, it works! thanks so much man, I really, really appreciate it!

I noticed you put a stop action on one of the layers, is that completely necessary? just wondering, cause I kinda wanted the arrow thing to keep moving… but it’s ok if it needs to be there, I can work with it… heh.

oh, one more thing, how would i get the picture viewer to target the same window the txt files target? please don’t say “loadmovie” lol

I have an idea about your arrow. and I will try and do something with your picture gallery thing. After I fix that I will post another .zip file.

The reason I am doing it…it may involve loadMovie…haha.