Need help with prototype! Please help!

Ok guys, here is my dilemma. I have a prototype Class that loads movies into an array, and runs a function ($getBytesTotal) to cycle through each index in the array, and load the movie into its own loadVars object. I then create a setInterval to check for the size of the data, and I want to add that number to a global variable. Simply said, I want to generate a total byte size for all the movies I want to load at the same time. Once I get the info from one file, I want to clear the interval and delete the loadVars objects from memory (even unload the files I have loaded). All that is important to me is the total size of the files in the list. I am having a few problems trying to get it going, and I seriously need help with it. If someone can help me out, it’d be a lifesaver.

[AS]MultiLoader = function () {
this.itemsArray = new Array();
this.totalBytes = 0;

MultiLoader.prototype.addItem = function(itemName, itemDepth) {
this.itemsArray.push({id:itemName, depth:itemDepth});

MultiLoader.prototype.$getBytesTotal = function() {
for (num=0; num<this.itemsArray.length; num++) {
this.itemsArray[num].itemData = new LoadVars();
this.itemsArray[num].checker = setInterval(theCallback, 1);
theCallback = function(){
_global.totalBytes += this.itemsArray[num].itemData.getBytesTotal();

filesToLoad = new MultiLoader();
// addItem method call type 1 (url)
filesToLoad.addItem(“nav.swf”, 1);
// addItem method call type 2 (url, target)
filesToLoad.addItem(“content.swf”, 2);[/AS]

This is planned to be an extension of Kenny Bunch’s LoadQue class, found here:

Right now, the LoadQue class only generates total size by number of elements, as it only calculates the byte size of files one at a time, and compares how many files have been completed over the total number of files. I want an exact percentage, bytewise, of how much is loaded. If you can help me out with the code, I’ll help extend his prototype, and we can develop the best multiple file preloader available to the public. Please help!