Need help with some script, controlling a movie within a movie etc

I’ll try to explain this as best as I can…

Basicly - the idea is to make each “section” of the site a different .swf file that is loaded [ok simple]

The problem I am having at the moment is that I have made one file [the rough template for my “news and site updates” section of the “News” section of the site… and that works fine… it is:
the associated files for it are:

That works great on its own.

What I want to do though, is have it loaded in a “Main” .swf… Ive tried to do this and it seems to work, as seen here:
What seems to [COLOR=DimGray]NOT[/COLOR] be working though, much to my dissapointment and confusion, is that when I load it through the main .swf, the functionality and actionscript within the “news” file seems to stop working :frowning: The main thing that I want to do is be able to have it so that when it loads, it preloads each “element” [news, band sections, whatever…] and in this case yeah it loads the “News” fine…

But the idea is that you can go between “News” [the first “section” you see] and “Site updates” [the second, above it] (check the original “news” tester first mentioned earlier up to see what I mean)
(They are just blue buttons at the moment, its all very “work in progress” stuff so far, but the concepts are there and it “works” as a rough shell/navigation model as such… well haha, to some extent :S

What am I doing wrong ? I have a vague idea it could be something to do with the whole “[COLOR=Navy]_root.movieclipname.[/COLOR]” in relation to each other ??? or ???

If anyone is able to help me as soon as possible that would be muchly appreciated !! If anyone needs any further info from me also, feel free to ask!

my msn is [COLOR=Red][email protected][/COLOR], and ill be checking back here too but yeah !! All and any help very very muchly appreciated !! Ive been up literally all night trying to sort this out and thought I had cracked it when I got the “news” working by itself, only to find it doesnt work when I load it in from the other movie :frowning:

By the way - keep up the awesome work everyone :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is a bit long winded, just trying to be as consice and specific as possible!!