Need help with starting Quiz game

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a quiz game based on plagiarism as part of my course, however i’m clueless on how to do this in Flash!

[COLOR=SlateGray]The player needs to look at a peice of work and choose an answer i.e. a) b).
However once an answer is chosen, a list of subanswers need to come up for the player to select.
The player can click on 3 different types of ‘help’ options, but once an option had been selected, the player cannot choose the other two.

There are 6 categories the player can choose with 5questions for each, the player only has to answer 3 categories. This means once the player answers all questions, it needs to go back to the category page with the previous selected category unselectable. Once 3 categories are answered it has to go to a results page.

The results page should display all the players answers and the right answers for the selected categories and calulate the total amount of points.

All the answers will then have to go into a database and later put into a graph displaying a chart of player’s answers [/COLOR]

As you can see, its a huge project and i’m not sure how to implement this.
I know alot of functions got to do with ActionScript and XML, but if you could point me in the right direction that be great.

Any help is appreciated, cheers!