Need help with transition from scene1 - scene2

Hi there,

I have a map of montreal that is called “map” which in the second scene in the file and when we click on the button called HOUSES I direct it to go to Map. When that is done I ask the user to click on Ahuntsic-Cartierville and then the user is directed to to the third scene called “house” . I think where the problem is when i use these commands it just goes through all the others. Also I will attach a screen shot of the timeline to see if i am doing it wrong…

As you can see in the frame i have attached I name each tag with a different name, but it just seems to go through all of them . if i chose the first one called House_ahuntsic and click next to see another house in the panoramic view it just keeps on going. site name is;

on (release) {
//Movieclip GotoAndPlay Behavior
//End Behavior
on (rollOver) {
//Movieclip GotoAndStop Behavior
//End Behavior

I need help please let me know what you can do to help me…