Need help with variables as coordinates

I’m trying to set up an application that has certain movieclips that have to chance position depending on a selected option. The application basically has the main stage with a movieclip called “Options” and a movieclip called “Objects”. The selected options in the movieclip “Options” define what positions the movieclips in the “Objects” movieclip have later on.

I figured that I had to script it so that if I click “Option 1” in the “Options” movieclip, that it defined 2 variables called “option1_x” and option1_y" and when selecting Object 1 in the movieclip “Objects”, that it would set the X and Y values of “Object 1” to .x=object_x and .y=object_y

However, I’m rather new to AS3 (read: very new) and I’m struggling to figure out how to get this to work, because my attempts so far have been… rather bad.

What I have right now is this for the “Options” movieclip:

var object_x:Number=0;
var object_y:Number=0;

option01.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Click01);

function Click01(e:MouseEvent):void{
     var object_x:Number="500";
     var object_y:Number="60";

And for the “Objects” movieclip:

object01.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Click01);

function Click01(e:MouseEvent):void{

But this doesn’t work at all, sadly :frowning: Anyone care to help?