Need help with very simple PHP script please

I figured it out, thank you though :smiley:

I’ve never coded PHP and don’t know anything about it, but I’ve done a lot of HTML/CSS and feel very comfortable with it.

I’m not very interested in learning PHP right now at this point, I am more into graphic designing/html/css but the website I’m wanting to make will require some simple PHP.

So I was wondering if anyone could help with the code. Here’s what I need.
-The site will only need 2 pages. One visible, one just with PHP.
-The main page will be HTML/CSS, calling upon PHP.
-The site does not need to be encrypted and the PHP page doesn’t need to be hidden.
On the main page I would like a text box to be there, which upon button press, will randomly show the text from one of many entries on the PHP page. Everytime this button is pressed, a new entry from the PHP page should randomly appear there in that space. That’s all.**

Does this sound easy to do? Could anyone give a simple explantion and some outline for the PHP code that will be required? Thank you for any help.