Need Help with XML photogallery..PLEASE?

[size=1]Hola all,

I went through the tutorial…

to add thumbnails and build the photo xml photogallery with thumbnails. I didn’t do anything off of the tutorial other than ‘skin’ my slideshow, since my actionscript knowledge is limited to say the least.

Anyhow, it works just fine, on my machine, and while testing it with the bandwidth profiler etc. WORKS LIKE A CHAMP. Only problem,I upload it, and it doesn’t work. It takes forever to load the first jpg (which is only like 50k) I have the xml file, the swf, and all of the jpg’s in the same directory, so it should work right?

Here is where it is posted publicly (sorta):

and I have posted the fla file, but like I said, I am almost positive other than ‘skinning’ I didn’t touch any actionscript.

Thanks for any help.