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In Flash what do I do to create frames, cause I am using flash for my whole web page and it would be annoying to just keep using my templates, UPDATING is horrible with templates.
So, some tutorial or something would be nice.

well, i’m not so good in flash, but i think you would have to create a new layer and design/draw your frame in there. i don’t think there is any insert frame comands in flash…if there is ive wasted alot of time…

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There is no make frames command in flash. What you can do is to make different sections of your site those framed out areas you desire, and then use the ‘load movie’ ‘unload movie’ commands to fill those areas as you see fit. Does this make sense to you?


Here look at this guys site, he seeems to have frames…
Or what is he using to do that?
<a href=“”>
Click here to Launch site </a>

thats not frames, its just a box, he probably did that in another layer and pasted the text etc on it.

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HOw would you do that?
Like how would you load it?
Sorry but I am a newb with lots of ?s

Hes right. Thats not frames. It is Chromeless Javascript that has been implanted into the HTML page to produce the popup. There is a tutorial at Kirupa Tutorials for this. A neat effect and easy enough for all beginners, like me! I had no problem producing this effect, and that means it will be a snap for you- :wink: Look for it in the tutes, and it is named ‘Chromeless JS’

Hope this helped!
do the tute, you won’t be able to believe how fast you can have a similiar effect.


Glad to help!



Ok I found the tutorial, but how do I use this in flash to launch windows in flash, for example.
sorry, but do you know how I could do it like frames like the web page I showd you above?
SOrry to be an annoying newbie…
But you are a nice helper.

Well, if your going to comlpiment me I will have to tell you tersely that I’ll give ya 20 minutes to cut it out, 20 minutes pal! First that site is mostly artwerk that I can tell. I am not sure if he even used load movie commands. Upuat, Eyez, Pom or Kirupa might be able to define exactly how it was done. I think it is all lines and drawings inside a single flash movie. The way you have to get that chromeless into HTML, I am sure Kirupa explains this better than I. But I took the html from my movie, imported it into coldfusion 4, you can use any editing software as notepad as well, made the changes described in the tute, saved it as the old index.html that was taken from the movie and upolad it, the changed file that is, and use it, tag it as your index.html on your server. Did I come close O’complimentary one? I hope so, cause I am going to sleep and will not be on till minyana-But Dave sometimes trolls late at night—Upuat. Look for him. Hes very helpful and this will be a whiz for him, cause he has whiskers—:evil:

To launch the chromeless popup in flash, make sure you go to the actions window and in the place where you can choose how the window pops up there are several choices; like _self _blank _ parent
CHOOSE _blank
This will pull up your chromeless; There should also have been something in the tute about size and scrollbars and colors; Just breath deep and read it till it comes to life in your head. Wont take long!


Easier way of putting it.
Can I use it to launch flash files and not html files?

Hey silent,
No, you cannot launch SWF files without the HTML page unless you are simply opening the SWF in a new browser window. For the cool JavaScript features such as no buttons, menu bars, etc. you need to place the SWF inside the HTML page.

Is there a way in flash so i can load different pages.
Like what if I made different movie clips could I load them in flash to make it look likea web site here kirupa take at look at the link I posted above.
Do you know how he did that, I can tell its pure flash but how?

There are a bunch of posts on the loadMovie and loadMovieNum methods. These allow you to do what you’re talking about. I’d suggest looking in the best of Kirupa forum for starters.