Need HELP!

I am not good at flash, consider me a newbie. I dont know how to make complicated things, all I know is the basics. Do you know how to make a Survey where the percentage is shown etc. . . PLEASE HELP ME!

  Also Pom do you have AIM? what is the sn?

Here’s the problem : if you make a survey, you have to make statisticswith all the people who voted. But whenever you’ll load the swf, the variables will be deleted. So how do we do that ? We send the variables through PHP of course ! You can store them in a file, or in a DB if you prefer,and then you post back the values when you’ve done the treatment.
If you’re not in a hurry, I can check that this week-end.
No AIM, and what’s sn ? 0]

Thanks for the response. SN is Screen Name. Im not really in a rush but nned it soon. If anyone out there knows how to do this please help! Thanks again.