Need Help!

Hey ppl New on the forum…hope u peoples can help me out

ok situation im starting a company and well ive done my first web site, but i need two lil things to complete it

First…I need to know where do i put the POP up code im getting off the internet…i just need a lil pop up for users to put there info in and every code i put in my html text doesnt seem to be working…if anyone has a easy way to put it in that would be great.

Second…i need to know how to make a html page unnresizable…i know its simple but i cant figure it out…

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Thanks PPLS…


If you want the window to open after a link has been clicked this should work. Place it whever you want the link text to be.

<a href="whatever.html" title="?" onclick=", 'newWin', 'width=?, height=?'); return false;">Whatever (opens in a new small window)</a>

Hope it does.


hey Johnny Gulag THANK YOU sooooooooooooooooooooooo much…the page works 95% perfect…

the code that you gave is killa but i cant get the pop up effect to work.

so every thing works but i want it sooo when the page loads up a pop up will come up automatically. i dont want the viewer to have to click something…

any help???