Need helper for project:

[COLOR=Red]Current Winner: Joshua Jonah[/COLOR]

This is not a paying position. But you will get the chance to become a member of the new administration team. If any substantial revenue is made from this project, and the money recieved, you will also recieve a small portion of that revenue, but we are still thinking of strategies.

WebDesignPress is a new project currently in production. And we need one more person who would like to help out with the project. You will be given small tasks only, ones that don’t really take a long time or effort, such as ‘Finding a suitable free script for our Award system’ on the internet etc. And sometimes you may also be asked to find and install scripts from the internet or .

If you’re chosen you will be listed in the bottom administration list on the about page. Once I gain trust in you, you will be able to access the forum administration, you will be given an ftp account will full privelages and once I have complete trust in you, you will be able to access almost anything.

**About WebDesignPress

**WebDesignPress is a unique project. We aim to review and write about almost everything about the web and web design such as latest cms releases, programs, browsers, software, resourceful sites, thus making our tag line ‘Interviewing the web’. We will provide the main doorstep to hundreds of the best services around the internet, which in turn saves a web designers time to search around in search engines etc.

We will also be holding best of the year awards, which will be determined by votes and polls and nominations, we need to find a script for this too. We also will need to find some other useful scripts.

**Who we need

**You don’t really need to be an expert of professional in anything. We just need someone who is experienced and smart with scripts and has a good knowledge of how community sites are run. You should also have MSN, be patient, and have some determination because this project may take a while to complete and get running.

If you’re interested, post here with your name, age, location, and description about yourself. The location is vital because of local time differences, we will most likely choose a person who is closer to europe, but that is not completely necessary.