Need immediate help on this


I am working on a project in Flash MX 2004 and in this project I have to integrate Flash with PHP and MySQL. The scenario is that I have a button with the name ‘Calendar’. When the user clicks on this button, a Calendar is displayed just next to the button. When the user clicks on any date in the Calendar, it displays another window in which events associated to that date are displayed. Now the problem starts from here, I know that when the user clicks on any date of the Calendar the date goes to the PHP file as a variable and fetches the info from the database back to the PHP file in an array. Now how can I show that info in the PHP array in Flash. Do I have to make an array in Flash also to fetch all the info from the PHP array to Flash array then show it in the dynamic textbox or is there any other alternative? Means I dunno how much info will come from the database so I can’t make a fix array in flash, the array also has to be dynamic. If someone knows about it any code or tutorial then do share it with coz I need it badly…

It is done on a website and the link is :

Consider that I am doing almost the same kind of thing not a single % change.