Need Lombardi Trophy at high res

Hey all,

I’m desperate. I need a high res image of the Vince Lombardi Trophy (the NFL Superbowl trophy, doesn’t really matter what year). I need it to be just a regular display-like shot of it (no football players holding it at strange angles and confetti everywhere, please). I found 2 images that looked great using google image search, but I got a 404 when I tried to access them.

Any leads, links, whatever would be helpful.

Thanks everyone.

Wow, photozoom looks like an amazing program. I didn’t even know that was possible.

Everytime I’m watching some secret agent FBI show on tv and they take a pixelated image and “enhance” it, I think its the funniest thing because I didn’t think it was possible. Thats really amazing though. Thanks DDD.

Yea, it’s good for on screen things, DDD and I tested this though, and if you’re using it for print jobs, the quality isn’t near as great as it is on screen.