Need Opinions & Feedback - rough concept i might work with

Hey sup guys, i wanted to get your opinions, as I know you all tell the honest truth when it comes down to visual quality & functionality etc, basically Ive been working on our current design for a few weeks (about to release and updated version) its the flash-side @t . Ive been basically debating to myself, whether i should scrap the current flash site for the new one, but before i do that i want to get ur feedback. Now heres the new layout Im working on, i wanted to get away from my old style of free-flow design, i wanted to get into making my interfaces more organized and better looking, heres the link:

Now as for what i needed suggestions for, u’ll notice theres no menu when u go see this layout, that is due to the fact that I wanted to make this interface straight-forward, and is based around the mainpage, but Im starting to think that Ill want to create some independant sections. Aswell when i have time, Ill add white pop-up windows, when u go over those pixel art icons i made, ie: u go over the email envelope, u’ll get this white pop-up with our sales & info email addresses, etc for each icon. Cool idea, or what do u guys suggest ? Im kinda stumped, but i have some extra ideas i can mess around with ;p