Need some actionscript coding help (fairly simple i think)

It’s been a while since I’ve used actionscript, I’m just looking to make one small code change that possibly someone could help me with.

I have an flash mp3 player which uses the code below to generate the link for a “more info about this track” button for the currently playing track.

if (playlist_array[track_index].info != undefined) {
settings_mc.info_btn._visible = true;
settings_mc.info_btn.onPress = cover_mc.content_mc.onPress=function () {
getURL(playlist_array[track_index].info, “_blank”);
} else {
settings_mc.info_btn._visible = false;

I would like to get rid of the button, and instead have it so that when the function that contains the code above runs, it loads the url in an iframe next to the flash mp3 player. If anyone can help me do this I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!