Need some help with flash and XML!

Hi there,

I need some help trying to figure this out.

Basically I have a flash swf file (main.fla/main.swf) with 4 different movie clips.

I figured out how to make the movie clip stop on rollover but now I am stuck on trying to load some xml content in my flash swf file.

I have loaded xml in flash before but for some reason I cannot figure this one out.

I have included my flash source file for anyone that can help.
You can download it here:

Also Included is a file called “main-1-visual.gif” in a the folder called “What it should look like”. I numbered the xml variables that need to be loaded:

  1. The logo at the top
  2. The title
  3. The subtitle
  4. The content text
  5. Another title
  6. Related links (This needs to link to specific URL links)

What I am trying to accomplish is this:

When you rollover one of the molecules (balls) that specific movie clip pauses (This works fines right now). BUT I also need to have a xml file specific to that molecule (ball) to load on the right side (see image “main-1-visual.gif”) in it’s appropriate movie clip. I also need the loaded xml to stay active until you rollover a different molecule (ball).

I tried this but I think actionscript I used for stopping the movie clip was conflicting with the actionscript I implemented for loading the xml.

Can anyone help please?
I really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your help!