Need some help with my site... Dynamic Text Box , and More

You can visit my site at

It is still in the very early stages and i have tons i want to add but if i just understood flash a bit better i could get it done quicker.

First off the main news text that scrolls down. I want to have the text inserted from a text document and be able to adjust font size and color through the document. So that i dont need to open flash up everytime to update my news section.

Also for the news ticker. Is there anyway at all to adjust the fonts in the newsticker so that they are a bit closer together. This is a dynamically loaded ticker from a txt file. The only adjustment i can do with the text string is change the speed, and space between sentences by putting more spaces between the words. The actualy space between each letter is too wide and the font is not what i want, but i have no idea how to change this.

My last question , how would i make the whole page centered as if i published it as a swf ? For some reason all my html pages that are published in flash always default and go to the left side of the screen in IE. Which file do i need to open up and edit to make this centered ???

IF anyone could help me out with these 3 things i could move on to my next problems . Hehe


  1. Use the loadVars object. You can import HTML fomatted text into Flash (check the AS dictionary).
  2. No idea.
  3. Put a [center] tag in your HTML page or something like that. (replace [ by < of course).

pom :asian:

Nice site by the way.

About the news ticker… id have to see your fla, and your *.txt file to give you any more info. Also, dont take this out of context as I dont really know what you plan for your site, BUT… why did you not just make the entire thing in HTML and a bit of JAVA for the ticker? I may have missed something too… just a quesiton.


Haha, I was going to ask him the same question. I went there and didn’t even realize it was a Flash site. It looked totally HTML-ized to me. Then I realized that the whole thing actually was done in Flash.

Despite that I think it woulda been easier to do in HTML, I have to give him credit for making it in Flash. It think it looks pretty good.

Hey arqos, is that the News Ticker from david?

I know right now it looks like a html page. But its not even close to finished. I have yet to start on roll overs for the buttons, i have an intro movie i want to put up. I also want to make a movie within the main page. So that lets say when you click on members button. it does its rollover and then the members section will open up covering the news box. And in the members section you will have profiles with pictures of each person.

Also , i dont know html that well… Can anyone tell me though how to center it ? Ill post the fla.

The newsticker was from kirupa’s site. I think David posted something about it. Might be his im not sure. I believe i got it off the tutorials…

I also wanted to have the text dynamically inputted from a text file like the news ticker but with color options and maybe even graphics behind it. BUt i dont know how to do that either.

thats the fla. thanks in advance

Hey, to center your Flash movie in a window you have to edit the .html file. You can use any basic text editor to do this.

(Note: Replace [ and ] with < and >, the board converts HTML)

Look for the [OBJECT] tag and when you find it add a [CENTER] tag right before it.

Now look for the [/OBJECT] tag and add a [/CENTER] tag after it.

This will center your Flash Movie.

As for the ticker, i don’t think you can change the font, it messes is it up. I believe david is working on a new one though. Not sure.

Dynamically loaded text with HTML font formatting you can do. Having images in there you cannot. You would have to add the images through Flash. I will work on setting up your file later, unless someone fixes it before I get to it. Please note though, that your text layout may become distorted when loaded text dyanmically.

Thanks . Im going to change the html now and see if it works. The graphics behind the text is not necessary, but i would have liked for the news article titles to have a backround. like a rectangle going across the text box that just highlighted the title part a bit . If i cant get it to scroll with the bar behind the title then their is no point.

If you can explain how i can get the text to show up as different color through a txt file it would help me alot. I really dont wanna have to open flash up everytime i update the news. I can do it with regular text but i dont know how to have it change.

Also, would you know how i could make it more effecient, so that when i hit members. A new smaller section would open over the text box with a members list and profile links. I know i have to mess with load clip into different frames and such. I wish their was a tutorial for this somewhere. :*(