Need some help with the Scrollpane

So im pretty new to flash, and i have been working on this same problem for hours, I have a scroll pane and a movie clip that is inside it, but the scroll pane only scrolls down so far and doesnt scroll to the bottome of the movie clip inside it. i looked through so many threads and even the ones that were relevant didnt help me. i need some help in lamens terms haha if anyone can help me out and let me know how to fix it so the scrollpane scrolls all the way to the bottom of the content inside it that would be great.

the way i have it set up is i just dragged a scrollpane onto the stage, resized it a bit, and under the parameters tab i put the name of the movie clip in the contentPath field, and i made sure that on the movie clip that is being displayed the linakge name is right and all that jazz. so far i didnt use any actionscript with the scrollpane, it works fine except for not scrolling all the way to the bottom. . . :link: