Need some serious help - CSS / Jquery

Ok so iv got this site up here:

the menu of shoes on the left is in one div and theres another in the center divided into 3 one for the text of each shoe one for a large image and one at the bottom for for the thumbnail gallery.

when you select a shoe it shows only the target shoe div with that div id and the name shoediv. So each shoe has one of these divs with the 3 child divs inside, follow? :slight_smile:

The menu works great and hides all the divs and shows the one you click, the problem is once you click a thumbnail and then select a new shoe from the menu it hides the top and bottom child divs and shows the new ones but it doesnt for the image div in the middle.

Even though that div is a child div of the showonly div.

I know this is long winded and confuing but im completely lost i would really apreciate any help anyone could give.