Need some website ideas (not for a regular website)

To get a couple of things established:

[]I went to a highschool that jams 5 years into 2 years. I am now in university after 2 years of highschool.
]The highschool is made up of 4 teachers and ~40 students in total. 1 of the teachers is the coorinator.
[]During those 2 years I was in highschool for, I did a lot of web stuff for the coordinator. She was basically the manager of the program. ( is the school website I did with some other kid)
]Now she wants another website.

Normally I’d say no, pee off since I’m not even in your highschool anymore, but she said I’m getting paid. The details of the website - she is not quite sure herself (you might see where this is going already).

She said she wants a website where grads from that highschool can exhibit their achievements and the great things and awards they are doing and getting. From my understanding, she is trying to

  1. promote the highschool
  2. exhibit the success that students from that highschool are getting (all thanks to her and the teachers’ teaching).

I’m amazed at this idea and what glory the site could bring to her without much of her effort. Now my problem:

What kind of site does all that?

I thought about a community (of the grads) blog or something, but that doesn’t exhibit a whole lot of success. I guess it’s technically a portfolio, but constantly updated with information. Viewers should admire and be amazed at the things these grads are doing. What kind of site format would bring about that kind of feeling?

The viewers would mostly be students (who want to enter the highschool) and their parents, the boss of the coordinator, and of course the current students and grads of the highschool.

Thanks a lot in advance.

However much Alex Ivanovs is paying you to write this, we’ll quintuple it (and multiply by 0) to have you not resuscitate 10 year old threads :stuck_out_tongue: