Need suggestions to create Educational App

I need to create an app, which will allow the user to print, email, save and edit his or her inputs made to my flash program. The nature of this program is as a educational tool from which the user will be learning a language, such as English.

Now most of the interaction involves completing courses via:

  • entering personal details on login
  • input into text boxes or text fields
  • multiple choice

My biggest concern (since I have never worked with flash connecting to databases) is …

getting this program to install, and getting flash to store the data entered into some form of database or file, which can be loaded into the program to indicate:

  • progress made
  • loading the course data saved from his or her previous session
  • being able to mail, save and print this info on first session use (or any other session)

I hope I am clear enough. I really I looking forward to this project, but my flash has grown a tad rusty. Should I look to Flash, or rather at something like director?

I have been looking at a few options sofar. I have looked at cookies but I am sure the amount of data will be too much. Will Northcode be the better option? I see they have database capabilities for Flash on a stand alone?

If I can manage to save the data, retrieve it, print and email that would help. There will be 10 modules, each having about 15 to 20 input fields for answers. Each module’s data will be stored separately, but you will have the option of mailing the final result. And you will be able to track progress and print / save individual modules.