Need the math script to determine the X/Y Coordinate from

An ARC.\r\rHello ALL Math Genious!\rI need to get information on how to calculate the X/Y Coordinate of a given PIE Chart.\r\rLet’s say I have a circle Divided into 4-5 (not necessarily equal in size) Pie Charts. Now How do I calculate for the X/Y Coordinate of the Center ARC of each pie section?\r\rDid this make sense?\r\rbasically it’s a circle with a crossSection right in the middle and i want the X/Y coordinate of one of the Sections.\r\r\rThanks in Advance\r\rAngelo\r\rP.S. KUDOS to the first one with the solutions.

I’m unclear, can you draw something and post it? i don’t really understand. I know someone here (if not me) can figure it out, but I can tell what you want…:slight_smile: sorry…

Im trying to figure out a formula to figure out the X/Y Coordinate of a given point on a circle.\r\rI can figure out the Area of a circle pretty easy…What I want to do now is try and figure out how to track something on a particular Circular Image. \r\rAlmost like a regular clock with the Minutes and the Hours indicator, I want to be able to TRACK ANY POINT of that circle. By using the X/Y coordinate within hte AREA of that circle.\r\rI hope this helps.\r\rThanks

I don’t understand. Maybe someone else will. Sorry. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. You are probly explaining it good enough, but I just spend 2 hours trying to fix a flash file for a friend of mine and my brain is fried.

Thanks for trying… i really appreciate it. \r\rAs always, This place is THE BEST place to get info on Flash, If it was not for this board, I would not have been able to keep my current job!\r\r\rKeep up the good work.\r\rBTW- it’s been about 2-4 months since my last posts.

i’m not sure just what you mean either, but this might get you started …\r\rremember trig?\r\rmake a movie of a largish, unfilled circle with it’s registration point at its center.\r\rwithin that movie, make a movie of a small filled circle, also with it’s registration point at its center.\r\rselect the small circle movie and put this code on it:

 \r\ronClipEvent(mouseUp){\r\r   var x = _parent._xmouse;\r\r   var y = _parent._ymouse;\r\r   var r = _parent._width/ ((x<0) ? -2 : 2);\r\r   var ang = Math.atan(y/x);\r\r   _x = Math.cos(ang)*r;\r\r   _y = Math.sin(ang)*r;\r\r}

\r\rclick away.

Thanks for the Reply!\r\rAs always- The best place to get your Flash answers!\r\r\rIm extremely greatful\r\r\rMike