Need to find Payment System for Overseas

Hi all,

I have a WD I’m dealing with in Germany & I have to find a way to pay her from here.

I don’t want to have to send cash thru the mail & I won’t use Pay Pal (theives), moneybookers (never return my e-mails promptly, answer my the phones & I sent them my card info days ago & they still haven’t activated my acct.) or Ikibo (I tried to pay for something I bought online & I wasted an hour of my time they were so disorganized, couldn’t understand English etc. & the transaction never went thru in the end b/c I was using MC)

Help, I need a company that is safe, secure, reliable & easy to use. I’ll be sending the money in USD & I would have used Storm Pay, but they want her (my WD) to pay $25 just to withdraw the money b/c she’s international. :frowning:

Thanks for your help in advance.