Need to upload photograph into flash

Well i am pretty new to flash but i need help i need to make a school project where i need to uplaod photograph into my flash and put it on my cartoons face.I know very well XML,ASP and SQL server

It’s a good thing you know XML, because you’ll need it for this.

Go to file.

(here’s the tricky part:) Go to import.

Pick out your picture.



Seriously, though, don’t feel dumb not for knowing that. There’s a whole crapload of options up there, and it can be annoying scrolling through the looking for the exact one you want.

Are you asking how to dynamically load a picture at run time?

I think that this is what was asked, actually… Then, I’d say loadmovies, or something called ming, but I don’t know how to use that. There’s a post in Best of Kirupa.

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