Needing Help -Clicking to open in New Window - Used external files, as & xml

Hey all, trying to get this done, and getting really close!

Attached is a few files I’m working with (support isn’t included, but just the code files) and you can see the work in progress at - totally rough right now but you’ll get the idea of what I’m trying to do if you click on the “painting” link.

All I need to really figure out code-wise on the Painting page is how after someone clicks on the thumbnail to enlarge the art above, I would like them to be able to click on the large artwork to open a new window that will show the complete piece of work even larger. If you look at the files, you’ll see I’m trying to do it using all external image files & xml, so she can add images as needed… which is why I haven’t a clue how to go about doing this new window thing. . .

Any ideas?? I’d love to get this done tonight, but we’ll have to see…really any responses are appreciated greatly!