Nested MC Event Calls

I’ve got a MC named “dockMC” on the stage the contains buttons that control playback of an interactive product demo (basic functions: pause/play, stop, forward, reverse, audio stuff, etc.).

The dock itself is animated using an onRollOver and the undocumented easing function, but adding this event call causes any nested events (onRelease for example) for other MCs to become null.

I know there has to be a workaround, and I was just wondering if anyone here knew of a good way to address this problem.

Edit: hitTest isn’t difficult to obtain X/Y values from, but it doesn’t work. (you can tell it’s a monday…)

Here’s an FLA that’ll help give you an idea as to what I’m going for.

Everything’s working fine, except that nested MC events are not being handled.



Okay well I figured it out…no thanks to any of you losers. :wink: