NetConnection.Connect.Rejected - I have tried everything...please help!

Hi guys,

Hope you can help. I working on a project where the client are using FMS 2 to host their videos. I am trying to connect using as3 code, but keep getting rejected.

I have little experience using FMS, but have had a good hunt around and implemented all the tweaks necessary - setting the object encoding, implementing onBWDone etc…

The server I am trying to connect to is rtmp://

I do not have any access to the server admin myself, and am wondering if they need to set it up to be allowed to communicate with my SWF in some way? It seems unlikely to me, but hopefully you guys can tell me.

Also, weirdly i CAN connect to
but once connected I cannot load any streams, they all ’ cannot be found ’

Any help would be really appreciated as I am stabbing in the dark here…