Netscape pop ups returning page to top


I am trying to make some pop up windows in dreamweaver using the open browser window behavior
I have it se up so all the html doc load in to the same pop up as to avoid multiple pop ups.

what is happening is that in netscape when I click on the link the main page that the link to the pop up is on
returns to the top of the page I suspect it has to do with the <a href="#" in the links prop window…

how do I make this go away…
script for pop ups

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">

var popwin1;

function tmt_winOpen(u,id,f,df){
	else if(df){eval(id+".focus()");}

script for pop up links

><a href="#" onClick="tmt_winOpen('VenueInfo/BirchmereMusicHall.html','popwin1','width=350,height=460,left=0,top=0,status=yes',0)"><img src="/wheelsm2t.gif" width="40" height="41" border="0"></a>


href="#" is the reason it gets sent to the top.

Change it to href=“javascript:void(0);” instead. That way it will void the link instead of sending it to the top.

thanks…my brain wasn’t working thanks for jolting it…i ended up using: javascript:;