Networking (Not hub & Switches & Things)

I edited the title in hopes of getting some responses

Hello fellow creative people,

I’m actually looking to network with graphic designers who do web development, but lack the ability to build ecommerce and online applications. I’m a code writer, database programmer, and application builder.

I’m working with one designer right now, but I would like to build more of a network.

My goal is to build a relationship with a few designers and build our businesses together. What I’ve been doing with this other designer is to get what the client wants, bid it, then pass the bid on to him to present to the client. I do all the work through him. His company becomes a full fledge development firm & I eat.

90% of making arrangements like this work is the relationship. I’d like the chance to talk more with anyone interested. You can reach me at [email protected].



Still hoping to make some connections.

i’m always intrested in crazy stuff like this…

And, umm by the way… change the title again…