New Array() prob

I would like to create a tri dimensional Array, but i cant find the code for it. The only thing i can do is a simple array.

Exemple of what i want, obvisouly this doesnt work.

myarray = new Array(6)(6)(6)

myarray[1][1][1] = 1;

Is something like this possible with flash mx?

-woj- :slight_smile:

myArray = new Array(6)
myArray[0] = new Array(6)
myArray[0][0] = new Array(6)
myArray[0][0][0] = "myValue"



or something more like this:

myArray = new Array(6);
for (i=0; i<6; i++) {
	myArray* = new Array(6);
	for (n=0; n<6; n++) {
		myArray*[n] = new Array(6);
// myArray[0][0][0] = "myValue";
// trace(myArray[0][0][0]);

Thanks a lot dude!.. i am soo sOOOo happy.

(-: -woj- :slight_smile: