New cursor on click-new cursor spawns MC from library on click

Hi all, forgive my newbie-ness.

Here is what I want to do:

I am currently in AS2 and would like an AS3 solution if anyone knows, I’m a bit new…

I have four movieclips on the stage. Right now I have it set up so that as I click each movieclip, it will follow the mouse around until I click another clip

So on the MC itself I have :


This is fine, but what I’d like to do now is for every time I click on the stage with one of these mc’s following the mouse; it will grab an mc from the library and put it on the stage where I clicked.

Each time I click it will put a new instance of this clip onto the stage where I clicked.

For each MC that follows the mouse, I want a different mc to be grabbed from the library on click.

Would this be something easily achieved in AS3? (I’m not sure how to do what I did in AS2 in AS3 since I can’t script on the MC itself)

Many thanks for any help in advanced. If there is any more information anyone needs let me know…and let me know if I’m breaking any board etiquette.